Shaadihelp is a broad platform where helping hands are with you at every step in making you find your desired well matched life partner for a lifetime. Shaadihelp is one of the leading and most trusted matrimony service providers with a team of expert professionals having experience of more than 10 years in online & offline matrimonial services and consultancy.


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The Engagement Managers makes you avail personalized service by giving a personal touch and individual attention from doing all the work for you to creating your profile, searching for best matches to scheduling meetings with the shortlisted prospects.

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Shaadi Help team cares and is always in your highly assistance to find your desired partner and gets highly engaged while knowing your requirements, talking to you, making you understand the services, presents suitable matches for you to complete your partner search throughout.

Hey Look! What makes ShaadiHelp the best

  • Creation and enhancement of genuine profile by our team to put your best onward.
  • Complete attention by individual highly experienced and qualified engagement manager.
  • Step by Step help in finding your preference choices of community, caste, location, profession, lifestyle etc.
  • Matchmaking process by Shaadihelp expertise combined with superior technology.
  • Cooperation and vast number of handpicked matches that meets your unique partner preferences.
  • Introductions and feedback reception to acknowledge the useful communication.
  • Arranging meetings, better communication between prospects to achieve your happiness.
  • Regular Mailing, timely courier service of interested prospects to take things forward.

Success Stories

  • Success Story

    Happiness is a key to beautiful life I found my key of cheerfulness in Rupali. I promise you to keep smiling always Rupali.
    Kalpatru Verma found her perfect life partner through ShaadiHelp. You can too!

  • Success Story

    I (Amrita Singh) have met a perfect life partner, best friend, and a true love Nishant Singh is my essence for living life, May god bless our togetherness.
    Discover love today, with ShaadiHelp!

  • Success Story

    Thank you Shaadihelp team for making such wonderful matrimonial platform. It gives me immense pleasure to share my heart and say that I have met my soul mate on Shaadihelp. As Vivek was paid member at Shaadihelp, I received call from Engagement Manager regarding his profile and after going through his profile we exchanged our details. 4th march is special day of my life i’ll never forget bcoz the first time we met.

  • Success Story

    Understanding, support and care I (Priya) felt with my beloved husband Jaidev Singh. All credit goes to ShaadiHelp.
    Come find your perfect match with ShaadiHelp!

  • Success Story

    Krishan an Engineer. Loves music and a travel explorer. He was looking for someone like minded partner. ShaadiHelp helped him to find Shweta.
    Find your life partner! With ShaadiHelp

  • Success Story

    Aprajita holds a Masters degree in Technology and she is a Lecturer. She wanted a highly qualified professional match. "Personalized Service" of Shaadihelp helped her finding her soulmate Praveen Mishra, an (IIT) Engineer at Coal India.

  • Success Story

    It was my relative who referred me ShaadiHelp. I (Pratyush) and Sameeksha share a beautiful friendly relation. And for this cherished life I thank you Sameeksha, my beautiful wife.
    You can also be cheerful with ShaadiHelp!

  • Success Story

    I and Arushi met first time through ShaadiHelp. I still remember the time when my personalised service Engagement Manager shown me Arushi’s profile. I would like to thanks my personal Engagement Manager. Thank you very much.
    Akshay Shukla (Manager at Air India) and Arushi complements each other! Get your complimented match with ShaadiHelp.

  • Success Story

    I had maanglik in my Kundli, it became very difficult to find a match of my preference. ShaadiHelp team really worked on my profile and after six months I got a desired match and got married June 2016. Thank you ShaadiHelp.
    Shivani came like a dream story come true for Vivek Bajpai. Join ShaadiHelp for your love story!

  • Success Story

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